Ocoee River Rafting

start Your Ocoee rafting Adventure

The Ocoee River in Southeast Tennessee is one of the world’s most popular whitewater rafting rivers.  Located in the Cherokee National Forest the river provides continuous whitewater excitement with class III and IV rapids scattered down its entire length.  Legendary rapids like Grumpy’s, Hell Hole and Humongous provide plenty of whitewater excitement and the deep gorge the river runs through provides an awesome background for your whitewater trip of a lifetime.   

Middle Ocoee River

The start of the Middle Ocoee is spectacular! The water from the lake falls over the top of the 30-foot dam that is Ocoee Dam number 2 making for a giant river wide waterfall.

Full river trip

The great thing about the Full River trip is that you don’t miss a thing plus you get a nice break for a delicious river side lunch. The entire trip takes around six hours for this trip

History of the Ocoee Dams

Ocoee Dam number one was the first hydroelectric dam built in the state of Tennessee and one of the first in the country. Construction was started in 1910 and in January 1912 the plant initially began generating electrical power. This was 21 years before TVA was formed by the TVA act by Congress.

Comparison of the Upper and Middle Ocoee river sections

Both the Upper and Middle Ocoee sections are roughly five miles long and take a similar amount of time to raft (about 2 hours each). Each section of Ocoee River Rafting has numerous class three and class four rapids. Both are fun and exhilarating and you can’t miss selecting either section.